Monday, March 23, 2015

Game Photography


To all game ranchers.

I have recently decided to offer a "new" service to the wildlife ranching and game auction industries in South Africa, with the industry on a all time high and the demand for exotic and hybrid species fetching record prices at auction, I feel there is a growing demand for game ranchers to market their animals and create awareness of what they offer on the next auction in a easy and efficient way.

I have noticed that many of the game ranches have fantastic websites, showing off the great sales they have had in the past and incredible blood lines they use to breed with, rare and exotic species fill in the gaps and create an exiting and very interesting reading.

What I have noticed is that 90% of the photos used in game auction catalogues, websites and various other forms of marketing material is of average quality and really doesn't show off the true potential of these animals. I have been to a couple of game auctions in the past and unlike cattle you obviously don't have the advantage of seeing the bull you are about to spend thousand or even millions of rand's on being paraded in front of you in a ring.

In this case a high quality photo of your animal/s is an excellent replacement, this will create an opportunity for everyone to get a good view of what the auction has to offer and what they are bidding on.

I would like the opportunity to offer my service free of charge to 3 game ranchers in the Bela Bela area for their next auction. I have 10 years experience as a photographer and 5 years as a Game Ranger in various areas in South Africa.

Please feel free to contact me for any further details.